About Gamma


At Gamma,
we help fashion conscious people look incredible while living a powerful, connected lifestyle and never again having to worry about running out of power, or losing their wallet, keys and phone, even if they are forgetful and use their mobile device all day.
Gamma is the intersection of high tech and high fashion, allowing you to look great, and have all the power you need with you throughout the day and night.

Gamma  was founded in 2014 and is situated in the heart of the European Union, in Zagreb, Croatia.
Since then Gamma has grow in a team of coworkers and associates which includes designers, programmers, electronic experts, sales managers and university professors.

Gammas goal is to provide a luxury experience to all our clients, ranging from our extreme line to the chic and everyday models.
We aim to bring fashion to functional everyday product design.

The Founder

Gamma was founded by Mirta Udovicic, but because of the difficulties in pronunciation, she’s just known as "Mirta".
After receiving her Masters in Product Design at the University of Design, she worked as an interior designer until the age of 25 when she started a business producing her own clothing with regular shows at Croatian Fashion Week.

Mirta has designed clothing, accessories, even luxurious villas, and brought her understandings of pleasing design aesthetics, ergonomics, fundamental architectural principals and style to the world of high fashion

"The design that I pursue is based on the principles of nature that are inherent in man. I add to this intellectual necessity, creating the functionality for everyday use. There is a great diversity of form in nature, with meanings and uses beyond their aesthetic appearance. Therefore I am studying all aspects of nature, such as its geometry, exemplified by fractals and the Golden Ratio, the languages in nature and in art, and general science for its forms, beauty and meaning."


Gamma’s vision is to combine today’s cutting-edge technologies with timeless and everlasting principles of style and fashion, creating accessories that enable and delight modern women and men alike.